"GroceryPro Is Back"

I am sorry to announce that the GroceryPro project have been abandoned. There is NOT going to be any further development on GroceryPro.

New GroceryPro in development!

We believe “you are what you eat”. The food industry bombards us with artificial products, preservatives and foods based on GMOs.

This is why we decided to start working on a new version of GroceryPro; one that will take the app to the next level!

The new GroceryPro will take care of you and the planet, and encourage you to make healthier decisions. It is going to be about: fast, intelligent list creation, organized shopping, healthy, balanced meals and a happy planet.

Some of the new “technical” features will include:

  • Storing lists and recipes in the cloud
  • User to user list and recipe sharing
  • Easy way to follow users, or rather, their meal recipes ;)
  • Convenient ways to create grocery lists from recipes

We are planning to make the application FREE (ad-based).

If you are looking for a revolutionary, interactive shopping list, we hope the new GroceryPro will be your number one choice.

Stay tuned for more GroceryPro dev news!

P.S. We have 1000 beta testing spots available, so let us know if you’d like to take part in the development of GroceryPro. If you are interested, send us PM on facebook or e-mail us at